NCM member Shahzadi reviews centre’s welfare schemes for minorities

The ongoing construction of residential school buildings with central funds was discussed

Hyderabad: Syeda Shahzadi Begum, member of the National Commission for Minorities (NCM), conducted a comprehensive review of the implementation of the central government’s schemes for minorities in a meeting with minority welfare officials.

The meeting was attended by Secretary Minority Welfare, Syed Omar Jaleel, Chief Executive Officer of the Waqf Board, Khwaja Moinuddin, along with office bearers of Minority Finance Corporation, Urdu Academy, and Residential School Society. During the meeting, Syed Omar Jaleel presented detailed information about the implementation of central government schemes and the allocation of budgets.

The ongoing construction of residential school buildings with central funds was discussed, and improved results of minority residential schools and the performance of minority students in competitive examinations were also presented. However, Syeda Shahzadi Begum expressed displeasure over the absence of B. Shafiullah, Secretary of the Residential School Society, stating that there seemed to be a lack of transparency in many matters concerning residential schools. She highlighted that several complaints have been received regarding appointments and maintenance issues in these schools.

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Syeda Shahzadi Begum also expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of the Telangana Waqf Board in protecting waqf properties. She urged the board to take action against illegal occupants of waqf properties and stressed the need to update the records of waqf lands on the Dharani portal. She specifically highlighted the importance of including the actual area of auto-locked properties in the records, as it facilitates the registration process for non-waqf land.

The Member National Commission for Minorities also inquired about the computerization and digitization of property records from the Telangana Waqf Board. She further reviewed schemes related to the educational development of minorities during the meeting.

However, Shahzadi Begum expressed her disappointment as some officials from the invited departments were absent from the meeting, reflecting her concern about the level of commitment to the implementation of minority welfare schemes. In response to this, she highlighted the importance of holding district-wise meetings with collectors to ensure effective coordination and implementation of the schemes.

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