Necessary to have connections with govt: AAP MLA on defection to BJP

Bhayani was a former BJP leader who turned into a rebel and joined AAP. He said that people know him from his BJP days.

The Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) winning MLA from the Visavadar constituency Bhupat Bhayani has denied joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) but has also said, “It is necessary to have good connections with the government.”

It should be noted that BJP made a historic win by grabbing 55.53% of votes in the recently concluded Gujarat assembly election, a feat that no other political party has achieved in the state.

On asked if the rumours about him joining the BJP are true, Bhayani, in an interview with NDTV, said, “I have not joined the BJP… I will ask the people if I should join the BJP or not.”

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When asked about the reason, Bhayani blamed the Opposition’s low score. Stating that farmers and traders dominate his constituency, it will disable him to function for their welfare if he sits in the Opposition and fails to have ‘good connections with the government.’

“My seat is in an area dominated by farmers. I need to solve their irrigation-related problems. There are many traders in the area as well. I need to look after them too. I’ll not be able to do that if I do not have good connections with the government. I have placed my demands before the government have got a positive response. I’ll now consult the people, the leaders,” Bhayani said further congratulating Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Gujarat chief minister Bhupendrabhai Patel for their win.

When asked about the Anti-defection law being applied, Bhayani said he is ready to face anything for the welfare of his people. “I am not scared. I have been chosen by my people and for them I am ready to face any law,” NDTV quoted him saying.

When the reporter asked Bhayani if changing ships might disappoint the people who voted for him as an AAP candidate Bhayani defended that it will not change anything as the majority voted for the BJP. When grilled a little further that his constituency voted for an AAP candidate and not BJP, Bhayani said, “People in my constituency have known me as an individual and recognised my work from my BJP days. I have always been there for my people, in their happiness and sorrows.”

Bhayani was a former BJP leader who turned into a rebel and joined AAP.

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