New Delhi: Hindutva leader launches campaign against Sai Baba temples

Launching a hate campaign under the pretext of an “awareness campaign”, against Sai Baba temples and idols in New Delhi, Hindutva leader Sanjeev Bhati has warned the priests of these temples to remove the idols from there or face consequences.

A video has surfaced on Twitter where the right-wing leader, surrounded by his “followers” is heard screaming, “We are starting an awareness campaign against all Sai temples. Initially, we will talk nicely to them. If they do not listen, then they will have to face our ire. We will go and destroy Sai idols with hammers.”

Last year, Sanjeev Bhati was accused of beating his wife, Poonam. A visibly scarred Poonam had said in an interview that she was thrashed and beaten up by her husband and his girlfriend who, according to Sanjeev, is like his “sister”.

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