New Zealand: ACT party’s Rahul Chopra gains momentum in 2023 election campaign

In a recent engagement, Chopra visited the largest mosque in his local area.

Auckland: As the 2023 New Zealand election campaigns gain momentum, one of the prominent candidates from the ACT Party, Rahul Chopra, has emerged as a notable contender. Representing the central Auckland electorate of Mount Roskill, Chopra’s campaign journey has been met with a resounding wave of support from the grassroots level.

Traveling alongside the party’s leader throughout the North Island, Chopra has reported remarkable and enthusiastic turnouts at his campaign events. Despite being a newcomer to the political arena, his extensive background in public policy and community service sets him apart as a candidate to watch.

Chopra’s association with New Zealand dates back to 2004 when he arrived for higher education. After a stint in the banking sector, he pursued a Master’s degree in public policy from Auckland University of Technology. His trajectory led him to the Parliamentary Service, where he devoted over a decade to collaborating with parliamentarians and the community. Notably, he served in the office of former MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi. Reflecting on his political journey, Chopra emphasizes that his involvement wasn’t accidental or deliberate but was nurtured by David Seymour and his team, who encouraged him to step into the political landscape.

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Mount Roskill has witnessed an Indian presence in previous electoral history, with Parmjeet Parmar from the National Party contesting three times. Despite strong efforts, Parmar faced defeats from both Phil Goff and Michael Wood of the Labour Party. The ACT Party’s Alternative Budget, unveiled earlier in the year by David Seymour, proposes the elimination of specific demographic ministries, arguing that their impact is limited. This includes the Ministry for ethnic communities, which has been championed by the Labour government for its positive influence on minority groups, including the Kiwi-Indian community.

Masjid-e-Umar Mosque Stoddard Rd, Mount Roskill, Auckland, New Zealand

In a recent engagement, Chopra visited the largest mosque in his local area during their weekly congregational prayer. Engaging with the locals, he discussed his views and encouraged them to support his candidacy. In exchange, he pledged to amplify their concerns and voices if elected.

Chopra’s campaign is one that reflects the changing dynamics of New Zealand’s political landscape, with diverse candidates like him bringing fresh perspectives and experiences to the forefront of the election discourse.

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