No shortage in supply of grain in Saudi Arabia, Oman

The authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Oman assured their citizens that there is no crisis in the grain supplies in the country, amidst the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The deputy governor of the Saudi Grains Organization, Zaid Al-Shabanat, said Kingdom is facing no crisis in grain supplies.

During the open program, He explained that this is due to the institution’s strategy, which relies on different sources in multiple countries and continents, and not on one source alone. 

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He stressed that grain stock is present and that the proportion of grain imported by the Kingdom from Russia and Ukraine can be compensated from other sources, in North America, South America, or Europe. 

He stated that a contract was signed last month to secure a large amount of grain, which will be in the Kingdom’s markets during the fourth quarter of 2022. The Kingdom is working within its strategic plan to continuously feed its stock, and a certain percentage of local wheat is grown under the guidance of the leadership. 

Meanwhile, Oman also made its own assurances to its people.

CEO of the Oman Flour Mills Company (OFMC), Haitham Mohamed Al Fanna, reportedly informed the people in an interview that two shipments of wheat arrived from India and the third shipment will arrive shortly.

“Apart from that, we also have regular shipments coming from Australia and these stocks are sufficient until the end of this year,” he added.

Russian troops began invading Ukraine on February 24, and since then, intense battle in different parts of the country has disrupted food exports in various countries.

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