NRI students in Gulf sigh relief as CBSE announced results

Most schools excelled in class 10, 12 exams

Jeddah: Most Indian schools in the Gulf region have excelled in the latest CBSE exams of grade 10 and 12 despite challenges posed by pandemic that not only disrupted classes but also changed the format of exams.

NRI students in Gulf sigh relief as CBSE announced results

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The students were surprised to find the news of examination results as they were unaware of the exam results when they woke up on Friday morning.

The NRI students in the gulf region feel a sigh of relief as they were concerned over the delay in CBSE grade 12 results as most of the students return home and some are planning to go to Canada, UK and European countries to pursue undergraduate courses where preparation for the beginning of new academic year in full swing.

Indian International School in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, the largest school affiliated to CBSE outside India, has secured 99 per cent passage in grade 12, according to Mahenaz Fareed, Principal.

Preetha Shivanandam with 98.4 per cent stood as school topper, while Liyana Thayyil with 96 per cent came as second in the school.

In commerce stream, Kashif Mohiuddin Mohammed secured 95.5 per cent and stood first followed by Jesbin Tom Johns with 94.2 and Joseph Albin with 93.8, school statement reads.

In the humanities stream, Taniaz Elz Ajeev secured 95.4 per cent and stood top followed by Sumaiya with 93.8 per cent and Zainab Zahoor Ganai with 93.2.

Total of 828 students appeared for class 10 examination and all of them passed, said Mahenaz.

Farha Hareesh with 98.2 per cent stood as school topper in class 10 exams, Gayatri Jagadessh and Aiswarya Ullaskumar both secured 97.6 per cent and bagged second position while Neha Thirunavukkarasu Priya and Nuah Irfan Khan are the third toppers with 97.2 per cent.

Jeddah’s Indian International School also excelled in both class 10 and 12 according to Principal, Dr. Muzaffar Hassan.

Avanthika Ajay Menon secured 98.6 marks while Anaum Nila Irfan scored 96.6 per cent and Nashwa Mushtak secured 96.4 marks in grade 12 exams in IISJ.

Subject wise, Avanthika Ajay Menon bagged 100 marks in each geography, sociology and history while 98 in English.

Sadaf Fatima stood secured 100 per cent marks in accountancy, Zainab Khan 92 marks in Arabic, Anaum Naila Irfan 99 in biology, Omaiama Shaikh and Fiza Anjum both 99 in Business studies, Mohammed Mazin J 98 in chemistry, Hana Iyyathu 95 in Economics, Safana Sajeer 96 in physics, Abdul Rauf Ammar and Abdullah Majid both 100 in Urdu, Khadija Hidayat and Nashwa Mushtak both 99 in home science, Joanna Susan Stanly, Safana Sajeer and Devikrishna Rejikumar Bindu each 95 in mathematics in class 12 exams of IISJ, according to statement.

IISJ has achieved 100 per cent pass in grade 10 exams, said Muzaffar Hassan.

Yeshfeen Fatima with 98.4 per cent topper in grade 10 exams in IISJ, while Suha Nowfel Phutyavettil with 97.4 stood as second and Dhanusri Subramaniyan came third in the school with 97 per cent marks.

The UAE is top among the Gulf region where nearly 10,000 students appeared for grade 12 exams for this year. Atharva Tyagi of Abu Dhabi who scored 99.4 per cent, Aryan Muraleedharan of Dubai with 99 per cent were among the top in UAE for grade 12 exams.

Abu Dhabi based twins and students of Abu Dhabi Indian School Sai Vashnavi and her brother Sai Kiran notable among results as both scored 100 in computer science and 95 each in physics. Kiran achieved full marks in math too. Overall, Kiran bagged 97.6 per cent and Vashnavi got 94.4 per cent in the grade 12 exams.

Dubai students Harini Vaithilingam, Akash Thomas and Harish Nair scored 99.4 per cent in grade 10 exams, according to reports.

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