Opinion: People have to rise to end Israeli acts of extreme barbarism

Where you are Arab heads of State and Government?

In deep slumber while the Palestinian children, women and men are being bombarded, maimed and massacred in Gaza?

Where is the Arab League? Where is the Organisation of the Islamic Countries?
The bombardment of Israel on the Gaza Strip residents is the worst dimension of the barbarism in the recent past.

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But they do care not.  They are busy making statements that have no effect.

Where are you Arab heads of State and Government when a few conscientious countries in Latin America are showing moral courage to break up links with Israel to demonstrate their anger at the one-sided war?

Even North Korea which is considered a pariah by the West is thinking of sending help to the besieged people of Gaza.

Arabs, you have wealth, you have resources, you have political clout and yet you have failed to wake up to the call of the incessant bombing that is killing and maiming people including thousands of women and children?

What Hamas did was suicidal, yes.  But tell us what does one do when he or she is pushed to the wall? Even a mouse turns back to fight the cat when it is cornered.

I met a European diplomat recently.  The diplomat wanted to know what the people in Hyderabad are thinking about the situation in Palestine.  The first question of that diplomat—Tell me who started this round of war?  Meaning, what follows is retaliation. What followed is justifiable.

If one allows this argument to take root, the entire burden of destruction in Gaza falls on Hamas. And if you are talking to a European or an American diplomat, Hamas should be decimated.  It is not just the Hamas which has been democratically elected by the people Gaza but the entire Palestine.

What Hamas should have done when one Arab country after the other was breaking rank with the Palestinians and beginning to break bread with the Israeli leaders under the pressure or ‘persuasion’ by the US government.

The Hamas is a declared a ‘terrorist organisation’, not by the UN but by civilized Europe and the US. It was left with only one option—kill and get killed.

Some call the Gaza Strip a hell hole.   Why? Because of the unlivable conditions of 2.3 million people there.  Every civic facility that is necessary for barely livable life is controlled by Israeli government.  Only about 20,000 people from Gaza are allowed to cross the border into Israel for work on a daily basis. 

Even this number is scuttled on a daily basis on some pretext on the other.

Think of the children living there.  Think of the life of the women living there.  Think of the sick that hardly have any medical facility.  You may compare it with an Open Air Jail.  Some have also described it’s a Concentration Camp.

Arab States that are said to be 22 in numbers or the Muslim States that are said to be 57 in number are not likely to stand up to the greatest tragedy unfolding before their eyes. They have sold their souls to the devil.

But the entire world will not bow to the cowardly attacks by Israel.  People are waking up even in America and Europe to protest against one of the cruelest crackdown on people.

So, people, it is you who can save the situation. Please, do whatever you can to protect humanity. You are left with no time. Nearly a month has already passed. Do act or live with a dead conscience.

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