Owaisi demands special session of Parliament to discuss India-China border issue

Hyderabad: Following the reports of Chinese infrastructure development across the Line of Actual Control (LAC), AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Monday slammed the Central government over the India-China border issue and demanded a special session of Parliament to discuss the matter.

Attacking the Centre over the India-China border issue, Owaisi in a series of tweets said, “Chinese infrastructure development in border areas is ominous for the future. It indicates major Chinese military preparations in the area when seen with extensive deployment of weapons and troops along the LAC.

This is a serious issue that calls for a special session of Parliament. We again demand a special session of Parliament to discuss the China border crisis and the government’s response to it.”

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“China is making new villages in border areas. It is sending letters to our MPs. It is putting videos up of its forces and flag-waving in Galwan. It is trending provocative stuff on its social media. Our response is to exchange sweets in areas Chinese have come and occupied in Ladakh. This challenge needs a whole of India response which this clueless, divisive and weak government is incapable of providing,” added the AIMIM chief.

More than 20 months into the military standoff, China has deployed around 60,000 troops opposite the Indian territory in Ladakh and continues building its infrastructure to help the faster movement of its forces to LAC.

“The Chinese numbers had surged significantly during the summer season as they brought in a large number of troops for summer training. They have now gone back to their rear locations.

However, they are still maintaining around 60,000 troops in the areas opposite Ladakh,” government sources told ANI.

The threat perception is there from the Chinese side as they continue to build infrastructure across the LAC. New roads are being built opposite the Daulat Beg Oldie area and near the Pangong lake area, they said.

Sources said the Indian side has also taken very strong steps to ensure that any possible misadventure from the Chinese side.

The Indian Army has brought in the forces of the counter-terrorism Rashtriya Rifles’ Uniform Force into the Ladakh theatre on the Eastern front even as the infrastructure build-up is continuing from the Indian side too.

Sources said that the Indian Army is keeping all the mountain passes open to rush in troops if they are required at any of the friction points there.

Both sides are also deploying a large number of surveillance drones over the buffer zones to keep an eye on the movement of each others’ troops.

On the Chinese aggression which started in April-May last year, the Defence Ministry in its Year-End review had stated that unilateral and provocative actions by the Chinese to change the status quo by force, in more than one area on the LAC, has been responded to as an adequate measure.

To resolve the issue, the militaries of the two countries have been engaged in dialogue at various levels. After sustained joint efforts, disengagement was carried out at many locations. Force levels in areas where disengagement has yet to take place have been adequately enhanced.

Threat assessment and internal deliberations have resulted in reorganization and realignment of forces in keeping with the Army’s mandate of ensuring territorial integrity and to cater for the major augmentation of PLA forces and military infrastructure. Troops continue to deal with Chinese troops in a firm, resolute and peaceful manner while ensuring the sanctity of India’s claims.

Upgradation and development of infrastructure along the Northern Borders are being carried out in a holistic and comprehensive manner, including roads, tunnels for all-weather connectivity, four strategic railway lines, additional bridges across the Brahmaputra, up-gradation of bridges on critical Indo-China border roads, and storage for supplies, fuel, and ammunition. Major efforts have also been undertaken to identify dual-use infrastructure.

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