Past Blast: American Idol said NO to air Hijabi contestant’s audition

Daugherty said she wasn't told until the last day of auditions being aired that hers would not make the broadcast on American Idol.

Los Angeles: In 2021, Amira Daughterty, a 23-year-old singer from Georgia created history by becoming the first Muslim Hijabi contestant on American Idol to get a golden ticket. She was elated, however, soon her dreams were crushed as the show makers decided not to air her audition on screens.

Amira, who has a hearing impairment was approached by the team of American Idol, based on her singing videos she posted on the musical app TikTok.

Narrating her journey on the show to Buzzfeed, she said, “Let me tell you, that was a long process, from the extensive COVID testing to traveling out of my house for the first time in eight months to quarantining to filming behind the scenes. It was equal parts exhausting and exhilarating.”

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She eventually got to perform “Stand Up” by Cynthia Erivo and also a spoken word piece called “Anxiety Eviction” which got her three yes from all the judges.

In fact, one of the judges of American Idol, Lionel Richie had also met her father and told him he should be proud of her.

However, things took a turn and she was informed that her audition will not be aired on the show.

Daugherty said she wasn’t told until the last day of auditions being aired that hers would not make the broadcast.

“I felt a mix of confusion and sadness at first and then decided to take it as a sign that I would just need to do a little more footwork on my own to build my support base,” she said to Buzzfeed. “It was disappointing not to be able to represent the hijabi and hearing-impaired communities, especially after receiving hundreds of kind messages following my announcement.”

It is to be noted that, Amira has made a huge name for herself now and has become one of the first Hijabi singers in Hollywood.

A similar incident had happened in France in 2018. Mennel Ibtissem, a French-Syrian singer who was a contestant on The Voice France, performed Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah with her hijab on. However, the singer had to leave the show after a couple of controversial tweets resurfaced.

As mentioned earlier, now India is also going to see a Hijabi singer on India Idol this year. While, the show is yet to air on TV, we are hoping we will get to see a glimpse of Misbah who wishes to maker her mom’s dream come true and become India’s next Indian Idol.

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