PIA bars its captains and first officers from observing fast during Ramzan

Lahore: Pakistan’s national flag carrier PIA has barred its captains and first officers from observing fast in the ongoing Islamic holy month of Ramzan.

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The Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) order has come in the backdrop of its plane crash in Karachi two years ago in which around 100 passengers, including crew members were killed. The pilot of that plane was observing fast.

According to PIA spokesperson Abdullah Hafeez, a safety bulletin has been issued for the cockpit crew.

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“The cockpit crew has been banned from working while fasting for medical reasons. Those who do not want to skip fast are entitled to take leave,” he said and added fasting cabin crew members would not be allowed to operate a flight while fasting.

Another official said there is no denying the importance of fasting, however, performing the duties on the flight while fasting can have adverse effects on health.

“Operating flight while fasting can be a threat not only to the individual but also to everyone on board,” he said.

During Ramzan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims across the world fast from dawn to dusk. Ramzan, which began on April 2, culminates with the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr festival.

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