Pingle, the first made in Hyderabad car found in scrapyard

Hyderabad: Pingle, the first made in Hyderabad car developed by a city-based engineer in the 1950s, was found half-dumped in a scrapyard.

The low-cost and middle-class friendly car, was first displayed in the Numaish exhibition held at the Nampally exhibition grounds, 70 years ago. The Pingle family which located the car after 50 years is trying its best to restore it. One of the three prototypes of the car was witnessed in perfect condition, at the Bangalore campus of the Hindustan Aeronautical Limited in the 1970s.

The car was named after Pingle Madhusudan Reddy, who created it. Rao was also the chief instructor of the Hyderabad State Aeroclub, the pilot of the Nizam State Railways (NSR) airways, and the general manager of Deccan Airways Limited. Reddy also took up the role of a mentor for NSR-road development.

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According to report by the Times of India, “I came to know that two Pingle cars are lying in a scrapyard. The condition of the vehicles is very bad. They were half buried in the soil with vegetative growth all around. I have shifted the cars from the scrapyard and hope to take up restoration work soon,” said P Anuradha Reddy, the daughter-in-law of Pingle Madhusudan Reddy.

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