Prabhas fulfills fans’ last wish in Hyderabad, see heart touching viral video

Prabhas and Ranjith spent hours chatting, sharing stories, and forming a bond that transcended their roles as actors and fans

Hyderabad: Prabhas, the much-loved star, went above and beyond to fulfil the last wish of his dedicated and devoted fan, Ranjith, in a heartwarming gesture that has captured the attention of millions recently.

Despite his hectic schedule, which included filming for the highly anticipated films Salaar and Maruti, Prabhas made time to meet Ranjith, who was suffering from a rare and debilitating disease. The story of their meeting, which was filled with love, compassion, and a shared fandom, has touched his fans.

According to reports, Prabhas’ incredible journey began when he received a touching message from Ranjith’s mother via director Puri Jagannadh’s wife Lavanya. She told Prabhas about Ranjith’s situation and his strong desire to meet him. The actor, moved by Ranjith’s sincere plea, invited him to his home in Hyderabad right away.

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Prabhas took it upon himself to make certain that everything was in order before Ranjith arrived. He personally contacted Puri Jagannadh’s wife to find out more about Ranjith’s favourite foods and preferences. He carefully planned a surprise that left Ranjith speechless, reports said.

Ranjith’s dream of meeting Prabahs came true. Prabhas entered the room carrying Ranjith’s favourite food and graciously served Ranjith’s favourite chicken manchuria himself. Ranjith couldn’t stop smiling as he was fed by Prabhas, moved by the superstar’s humility and kindness.

The surprises didn’t stop there. The actor reportedly presented Ranjith with a priceless gift—the legendary Baahubali’s sword, personally autographed by Prabhas.

Prabhas and Ranjith spent hours chatting, sharing stories, and forming a bond that transcended their roles as actors and fans.

Before bidding farewell, Prabhas assured Ranjith that he would be welcome to join the set of his upcoming film, Salaar, once his health stabilised. It was a promise that filled Ranjith’s heart with joy, filling him with hope and anticipation.

However, fate had other plans for them. Ranjith tragically left this world a few days after they met. Despite the heartbreaking loss, a video of Prabhas and Ranjith sharing priceless moments surfaced on social media. This touching video quickly went viral, spreading their contagious smiles, love, and friendship far and wide, serving as a testament to the power of human connections and the impact one person can have on the life of another.

Prabhas’ unwavering devotion to his fans, genuine empathy, and the lengths he went to fulfil Ranjith’s final wish have left an indelible mark on millions of people’s hearts.

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