Pragati Bhavan employees’ interference hinders Telangana Waqf Board affairs

Hyderabad: The nexus of irregularities in Telangana Waqf Board with Pragati Bhawan is causing immense losses. The arbitrary decisions of tender department employees of Pragati Bhavan are leading to immense losses to the Waqf Board.

Pragati Bhavan telephone numbers are being used for calling the higher officials for manipulating the Waqf Board affairs. Though there is no direct interference from the government, the employees working under the tender department are giving a bad name to the government.

Similarly, some employees of the Waqf Board are taking advantage of their connection with the Pragati Bhavan staff and giving the impression that they are powerful enough to get any job done.

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After the formation of the Telangana Waqf Board by the state government it was expected that there will be improvement in the performance of the board but in spite of 4 month having passed there is no improvement in the working of the Board

Last month the tender of Dargah Hazrat Naseeruddin Baba in Suryapet in former Nalgonda district was given to the old contractor by increasing slightly in tender amount.

Similarly,  an announcement was made for the tender of Dargah Hazrat Jahangirpeeran but suddenly the tender was canceled.  The base price of the tender was fixed at Rs.2.80 cr and had a tender been conducted it was sure to fetch an amount of Rs. 3 crores.   But due to the unnecessary interference of Pragati Bhavan tender department employees this tender has been canceled and measures are being taken to grant the tender to the current contractor.

The unholy Nexus of Pragati Bhavan tender staff and some corrupt officials of Waqf Board are causing immense losses to the Telangana Board revenue.

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