Pragya Thakur reacts after BJP denies LS ticket in first list

She says that her earlier statements might not have pleased PM Modi.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from Bhopal, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, who was denied a party Lok Sabha poll ticket in the first list, has reacted to the decision.

Speaking to India Today TV, the MP recalled her earlier statements and the reaction of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to them.

Pragya Thakur’s statement on Mahatma Gandhi, Nathu Ram Godse

In May 2019, the MP triggered controversy by calling Nathuram Godse a ‘true patriot.’ However, hours later, she issued an apology, stating that she respects Mahatma Gandhi. PM Modi has said that he would never forgive the MP for her statement.

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Now, as Pragya Thakur finds her name missing in the first list of the BJP, she says that her earlier statements might not have pleased PM Modi.

‘I am not seeking a ticket,’ says MP

Pragya Thakur further clarified that she did not seek a party ticket earlier, nor is she seeking one now.

Recently, the BJP announced its first list of 195 candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

PM Modi is the most high-profile name featured in the first list of the BJP for Parliamentary elections. He will seek re-election to the Lok Sabha from the Varanasi constituency in Uttar Pradesh, a seat he has been contesting since 2014.

The list includes two former chief ministers and the Lok Sabha Speaker among the 195 nominees.

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