Prioritise improving human development index in Karnataka: CM Siddaramaiah

The suggestion came as he reviewed the progress of the Kalyana Karnataka Regional Development Board at his home office Krishna here

Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Friday said priority should be given to the implementation of complementary projects to improve the Human Development Index of the Kalyana Karnataka region.

The suggestion came as he reviewed the progress of the Kalyana Karnataka Regional Development Board at his home office Krishna here.

He said emphasis should be laid on areas in which we are lagging. Emphasis should also be on infrastructure development at hostels, Anganwadi and residential schools.

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In a statement issued by the Chief Minister’s Office, Siddaramaiah said the available grants should be spent on priority areas. Roads, drinking water, irrigation and other infrastructure should also be prioritised.

“It is our responsibility to give the necessary approvals from the finance department. The district in-charge minister should review the progress once a month and send the report to the board. District in-charge secretaries should also conduct progress review. Anganwadis, hostels, schools, and hospitals should be visited and inspected,” he said.

Siddaramaiah also pointed out the need for coordination between district in-charge ministers and secretaries.

He told officials that tenders should be called immediately for the approved works for which tenders have not been called and said they (works) should be evaluated.

According to officials, for the year 2023-24, the largest grant of Rs 3,000 crore has been released to Kalyan Karnataka Regional Development Board (KKRDB). A sum of Rs 2009.53 crore including initial charges have been spent during this period.

Chairman of the board Ajay Singh said this is the highest expenditure incurred till now since the formation of the board.

He further said Rs 2,885.9 crore is currently available with the board. Since the formation of the board, till now, 35,724 works have been approved and 26,418 works have been completed. In the year 2023-24, out of 6,468 works, 136 works were completed and 3,226 were in progress.

He explained that 3,106 works are to be started. Regular progress review of pending works should be done and any bottlenecks in implementation should be removed.

The Chief Minister has directed that the pending 3,528 works should be started by July-end.

In the meeting with KKRDB officials, which was also attended by some Ministers, Siddaramaiah suggested more emphasis should be given to education, health and job creation.

Singh said there is a demand for primary health centres and added that it has been decided to focus on this.

The Chief Minister has directed to submit a proposal for setting up primary health centres as per prescribed norms.

The CM has also suggested focus should be on the development of schools in the Kalyana Karnataka region under corporate social responsibility and the administrative departments should sanction the establishment of high schools, and undergraduate and graduate colleges, he directed.

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