Sana Khan on why she quit showbiz, ‘Saw myself in a blazing grave’

Sana Khan recently performed her first haj with husband Mufti Anas

Mumbai: It was in October 2020 when former TV actress Sana Khan left everyone shocked with her decision of quitting the glamorous world of showbiz. In her long heartfelt Instagram post, she said that she wants to “serve humanity and follow the orders of my creator.” She even deleted her all her social media posts that linked her to the entertainment world.

Soon after bidding goodbye the industry, Sana Khan married Surat-based businessman Anas Saiyad in a private ceremony in November 2020. She is currently living a happy married life.

Sana, who recently performed her first Hajj with hubby Anas, opened on the main reason behind her changed lifestyle and what exactly made her to chose religious path. In her latest interview with Muttawiffy Hujjaj South Asia, Sana said, “In my past life of course I had everything, I had fame, name, money. I could do anything and everything I wanted. But one thing that was missing was ‘peace in my heart’.”

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“I was like, there’s everything but why am I not happy? It was very tough and there were days of depression. There were days of Allah’s message where I could see through his signs.”

She further adds,”In Ramadan 2019, I used to see burning grave in my dreams. And I used to myself in that burning and blazing grave.”

Sana Khan also spoke about why she chose to wear hijab and never remove it again in my life. “You don’t want your last day to be the first day of your hijab,” says Sana with tears in her eyes. Watch her full video below.

Meanwhile, Sana Khan is back home from her first Hajj. The former actress in her new Instagram post shared her joy of fulfilling a long desired dream. She wrote, “Finally Back home. What an experience I can’t put in words to explain what I felt performing my 1st Haj 🤲🏻 I always dreamt of it but never knew this would happen so soon…Coming back learning soooo much n In Sha Allah hoping to be better than what I was or what I am.”

She concluded, “Already hoping to be back for the next Hajj.”

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