Saudi Arabia: Landlord can file lawsuit to seek fines after expiry of tenant’s contract

This measure is applicable if a fine was stipulated in the contract

Riyadh: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Rental Services E-Network (Ejar) platform announced that landlord can file a court action for fines for each day a tenant delays in vacating the property after the expiration of the rental contract.

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This measure is applicable if a fine was stipulated in the contract.

This came in a response to an inquiry raised on the Ejar’s X account, asking about the mechanism through which the tenant can be asked for rent if he is late in leaving the property after the end of the contract.

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In response, it said, “When there is a daily fine in the contract, a claim can be made for each day of delay through the enforcement court if the contract is an executive document, and through the judiciary if the contract is a non-executive document.”

On Tuesday, January 2, Saudi Arabia’s Real Estate General Authority (REGA) announced that residential rent can be paid only through the digital channels of Ejar platform, starting from Monday, January 15.

Ejar has approved Mada or SADAD as digital payment channels using biller number 153.

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