Sharp decrease in cryptocurrency value, TRS leaders suffered heavy losses

Hyderabad: After the record decrease in the cryptocurrency value, it was found that many political heavyweights from Telangana also lost crores of rupees in cryptocurrency investment. It is difficult to figure out the value of their losses.

Many politicians have invested heavily in cryptocurrency when its value was increasing in order to increase their wealth. But continuous fall in the value since May has caused heavy losses to them.

According to agencies in the know of the cryptocurrency dealing said that many TRS leaders in Telangana have invested heavily in cryptocurrency. There was a proposal to regularize the cryptocurrency by the central government which recorded a decrease in cryptocurrency value.  But due to the sharp fall in the value of currency these investors are worried a lot.

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TerraUSD was launched in the US on an experimental basis which has failed.  Those who have invested in Bitcoin were waiting for improvement in cryptocurrency.

The condition of Luna is also worse no one is able to predict whether or not investment in these currencies will pay off.

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