Shot at, scared, sidelined: Harjot Singh, Indian student in Ukraine

Harjot Singh is one of the countless Indian students, stuck in war-torn Ukraine. However, his plight is worse than that of most students. Singh was more than a witness to the atrocities plaguing Ukraine. He was shot, multiple times while attempting to escape from the country’s capital Kyiv.

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Singh, who hails from Delhi, is currently dealing with a fractured leg and was wounded for hours, on a roadside before an ambulance came to his rescue.

“I opened my eyes and found myself in the hospital,” Harjot Singh told NDTV from the Kyiv City hospital.

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Harjot Singh says he was prevented from boarding the train at Kyiv station. Like most students stranded without help, he and his friends pooled money and hired a cab to Lviv. not allowed to board a train at the Kyiv station, so he and his friends hired a cab to Lviv, one of the cities spared the worst of the Russian invasion till now. They were on their way out of Kyiv when “many people” started shooting at their cab.

“A bullet entered from my shoulder. They took out a bullet from my chest…my leg was fractured. There was a bullet in one knee,” Harjot Singh said.

To make matters worse, the hospital Singh is recuperating in is 20 minutes away from the Indian embassy.

“I contacted the embassy people and asked if they can provide the facility to take me to Lviv. They kept asking me questions. I had to repeat my story several times. I can’t walk. I told them I can come out of the hospital, but they have to give me the facilities, they should take me to Lviv. But all I get is fake comments,” he said.

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