Sip on these drinks to stay warm this winter

There’s nothing better than spending winter evenings with a cup of your favourite warm drink in your hand. From tea to coffee, there are several options of hot beverages that one can try this winter.As temperature has now dropped, it’s the right time to add below mentioned healthy drinks to your diet.

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Kashmiri Kahwa

Winter season is incomplete without trying kahwa. Mainly consumed in Kashmir, this warm drink is prepared with green tea, saffron, cinnamon and cardamom. The tea, sweetened with sugar or honey is served with almonds. The whole spices act as stimulants, heating our bodies in cold weather.

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Turmeric milk 

Turmeric milk, which is called Haldi doodh in Hindi, is extremely beneficial. This drink helps us keep warm and boosts our immunity. The golden drink helps in curing cough and cold.

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Almond Milk 

Almond milk is one of the healthy drinks to consume especially in winter season. It is prepared by adding crushed almonds to milk and then boiling it for a few minutes. To make it more tasty, one can also add saffron to the milk.

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Hot Chocolate

If you are a chocolate lover then winter must be your favourite season for sure. It’s that time of the year when chocolate lovers love to spend their cozy winter evenings by sipping on piping hot cocoa or hot chocolate. One can make their hot chocolate more special by adding cinnamon to it.

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