Social distancing led to weakened children’s immune systems: UAE doctor

New Delhi: Social distancing measures to combat Covid 19 have weakened the immune systems of young children who have not been able to build up resistance to common bugs, leaving them vulnerable to infections during the winter season, according to a doctor in the UAE, Al Arabiya reported.

Ranya Khairy Ammar, a specialist in general paediatrics at NMC Royal Medical Center in Shahama, told Al Arabiya English that an increased number of children have been getting sick during the cold spell, with a higher number than usual of young patients seeking treatment for influenza and other respiratory viruses.

“In the past months, we have seen higher number of children getting sick perhaps due to the flu season. At the same time, children remain at risk of COVID-19 infection, so it is very important for parents to boost their immune system and stay healthy,” she said.

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“Moreover, children have been staying indoors more and this may have contributed in lowering their natural immunity,” she added.

Ammar said the winter season normally begins with an increased number of children suffering with a cold and cough.

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