Sri Ram Sene ‘working on’ list of ‘illegal’ mosques, churches

Sri Ram Sene, the Hindutva organisation, is “working” round the clock to prepare a list of all “illegal” churches and mosques in Karnataka.

A report from the Hindustan Times said that the organisation chief, Pramod Muthalik, claims that people, mostly Christians, are conducting prayer sessions in their homes in order to convert people into their religion. According to Muthalik, there are more than 500 such homes or “informal churches” in Karnataka.

On May 13, at an event in Mysuru, the right-wing leader had urged the government to raze down such “informal churches” where scores of Hindus are being converted into Christians.

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“The conversion is being done through deceit and force. “The only way to deal with this issue is by bringing a stringent law against conversion and by also demolishing illegal churches by bulldozing them,” he demanded.

Karnataka are been the breeding ground for hate crimes against minorities since the start of this year. On May 12, the Karnataka state government passed the controversial anti-conversion law through ordinance. An ordinance is a temporary law passed by the President or the Governor when the Parliament or the State Assembly is not in session.

By passing the bill, Karnataka became the tenth state to enact the law.

Meanwhile, another right-wing organisation called the Narendra Modi Vichar Manch has called for a survey of all the mosques in the state to look for Hindu idols or any kind of evidence that proves that there was a Hindu religious establishment before.

These demands come in the middle of the ongoing Gyanvapi mosque case where a few Hindu women sought permission to pray at the back of the western wall of the mosque. They have claimed that there is an image of the Hindu deity Shringar Gauri at the site.

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