Storm of people will join Congress in near future: Revanth Reddy

Hyderabad: TRS leader and Aswaraopet former MLA Tati Varnakateshwarlu and TRS sitting ZPTC Kantarao joined the Congress party in the presence of TPCC president Revant Reddy on Friday.

MLA Sitakka, Working President Mahesh Kumar Yadav, Anil, and others were present on the occassion.

“There will be a storm of people joining the Congress party in the coming days”, said Telangana Congress chief Revanth reddy.

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Revanth Reddy TPCC Chief said, “KCR won the election saying that he will give ‘pattas’ to the farmlands, but KCR forgot about the farmers of Podu lands. The TRS government has filed cases against hundreds of tribals, The TRS government doesn’t care about the tribals. The pensions are not given on time and salaries are not being paid to the police department said Congress leader.”

In the joint Khammam district, along with two parliamentary seats, the entire assembly seats belong to Congress. With Tati Venkateshwar and Kantarao joining Congress, the party will be further strengthened.

Congress will come to power in 11 months. The problem of podu lands will be solved. When the farmer declaration is implemented, the lives of the farmers will change.

TRS government should go and the government for the poor should come. Soon the party is going to hold a meeting in Aswaraopeta. Many people will join the party, there will be a storm of joinings into Congress.

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