Students’ Sehri delivery initiative supports widowed women in Hyderabad

All these students are delivering the Sehri to the people by themselves in all areas of Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The city of Hyderabad is one of the busiest cities of India and several outsiders live here in rented accommodations or hostels. During the holy month of Ramzan, those who live in rented accommodations find it difficult to cook Sehri for themselves. Along with various Hyderabadis, most of these outsiders also rely on eateries that provide Sehri. In this write-up, we will tell about a group of Hyderabadi students who have started delivering homemade Sehri to those who fast during the Ramzan.

Yes, as several eateries and online food delivery applications provide Sehri and Iftari during the holy month of Ramzan to Muslims, a group of four students came up with a unique idea of delivering homemade food. Talking to, Zainab Riyaz, one of these four students said, ”We at want to provide people with simple and home-cooked food at sehri timing so that they can’t feel thirsty the whole day. We serve almost all the dishes which other eateries serve in the city during sehri timings but we prepare it in a home style.”

She further said, “We have hired a widow woman to prepare the food. We prepare it at home and we don’t run any eatery. Our motive is to serve only during Ramzan right now.”

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Zainab Riyaz along with her brother Abdul Razzaq and two friends Aadil Shakeel and Abdul Rehman Jameel have come up with the idea of serving people with healthy food which is prepared at home. All these four students are delivering the Sehri to the people by themselves.

”Three of us are delivering food while another one is taking orders. If we receive more orders any day then we take the help of our other friends or known persons to help people have their sehri on time. We deliver within 5 km of range of Nampally, Gachibowli, Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills and Masab Tank area of the city. We are looking forward to delivering sehri across the whole city from next Ramzan,” she added.

“We are committed to supporting widowed women by offering employment opportunities starting from the next Ramzan. Through this initiative, we aim to empower these women to become financially independent while we continue to serve homemade sehri to our customers. Our goal is to promote self-sufficiency and empower individuals in our community.” Zainab concluded.

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