‘Summarily hang’ Shraddha Walkar’s killer, demands Sanjay Raut

Mumbai: Agitated by the brutal killing of Palghar woman Shraddha Walkar, Shiv Sena-UBT MP Sanjay Raut on Wednesday demanded that her killer should be “summarily” hanged without a trial.

“Such a person should be hanged in the open public… Call it ‘love jihad’ or anything else, but our girls are at risk,” he said.

He said that after watching the interviews of the victim’s father Vikas Walkar, “the family’s anguish and pain could be felt”.

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Raut said Walkar had tried to convince his daughter against her liaison with Aaftab A. Poonawala, but could not succeed, leading to her tragic end.

“Someone who has committed a murder (like this) should not be tried. He should be summarily hanged in a public place on the basis of circumstantial evidence,” said Raut, seeking the noose for Poonawala.

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The MP also urged girls and women across the country to remain vigilant to such things and understand how they can be lured to meet such an end, considering the unfortunate tragedy that befell the daughter of Maharashtra.

Raut said daily fresh revelations are coming to the fore in the Walkar case which are heart-breaking and this “makes us look at our daughters and wonder what kind of a world we are living in”.

He appealed that nobody should play politics on this sensitive issue and those who do are “enemies of society”.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra State Commission for Women Chairperson Rupali Chakankar has demanded that the murder case of Shraddha should be handed over to a fast-track court to ensure speedy justice to the victim and her family.

Shraddha’s live-in partner and boyfriend, Poonawala killed her in their Delhi home, then hacked her body into 35 pieces, stuffed them into a freezer and later disposed of them at the dead of the night over nearly three weeks in the forests in Mehrauli.

However, the family was first alerted of her missing status by her childhood friend in September, as reported by IANS on November 14, which kickstarted the entire investigation into the gory crime and led to the arrest of Poonawala on Monday.

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