Surge in smartphone addiction and related diseases among Indians

Hyderabad: The use of smartphones and mobile apps in India is increasing rapidly and has reached a level of addiction. In 2022, the Indian population spent an average of five hours a day on mobile and 28.8 billion app were downloaded in India securing second place in the world. While China has been at the top with 111 billion app downloads.

India is also second in terms of spending time on various mobile apps. The people of Indian have spent 74,000 crore hours on smartphones last year. These interesting facts have come to light in the recently released State of the Mobile Report 2023.

Indian citizens are also second in the world in online shopping. Globally, mobile users spent a total of 110 billion hours online, Indian mobile users spent 8.7 billion hours. Five of the 10 most downloaded finance apps worldwide are Google Pay, Paytm SBI Yono, Bajaj Finserv are available in our country.

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It is also revealed in the report that, in the wake of the uncertainty created in the country during the Corona crisis, the use of friendship, dating apps in India has also increased tremendously during the year 2022. Smartphone users have become victims of widespread fraud due to fake relationships.

Senior psychologist Dr. C. Virender said that due to excessive use of mobile apps, people are becoming lazy. It is often seen in such people that they are not showing any enthusiasm in meeting relatives, friends and even family members.

The number of people suffering from obesity, diabetes and other diseases are also increasing gradually due to the misuse of smartphones. It will have a profound impact on India in the future. There should be a regulatory framework from the government to prevent harmful apps. Students need to be made aware of being misled by these apps from class 5.

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