Take a sneak peek into Mithila Palkar’s sea-facing Mumbai home

Mithila Palkar's home exemplifies the fact that the ideal home is about creating a space filled with love and memories, not just luxurious features

Mumbai: Step into the world of Mithila Palkar, the beloved star of “Little Things,” who graciously opens the doors to her stunning 700-square-foot Dadar home. Mithila shares a delightful home tour with Architectural Digest (AD) that highlights her impeccable taste and love for comfort. Her home is a perfect blend of charm and functionality, with a gorgeous living room with a breathtaking view of the sea, an elegant kitchen, and a serene bedroom that exudes tranquilly.

The Comfortable Living Room

When you walk into Mithila’s living room, you’ll be greeted by a warm atmosphere accented by a rust-colored couch and a trendy plaster-textured, three-legged oval coffee table. The large windows are complemented by a comfortable rattan seat, which provides a magnificent view of the sea link and the sea. Two magnificent bird of paradise plants bring life to the room, and a striking globe-light fixture adds a touch of elegance. The captivating space is completed by a large TV that hangs opposite the couch and rests on an oak-toned TV unit. 

A Dream Kitchen

The journey continues to a kitchen that will make any home cook jealous. The kitchen is spotless, with white countertops and beige cabinets. The breakfast counter, which is adorned with oak-toned rattan bar chairs, is a delightful spot to sip coffee or grab a quick bite in the morning. 

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The Calming Bed Room

Mithila’s bedroom is a haven of peace and beauty. Tropical wallpaper is displayed in an arch cut out in the main wall, and the room is accented with black wall scones and oak-toned side tables. The room’s cupboards include a pull-out tall mirror, seamlessly combining functionality and aesthetics. 

Mithila discusses her home and how embarking on this journey with her designer was a risk that only strengthened their bond. Personal touches, such as a gallery wall of cherished memories and carefully chosen furniture, reflect her close relationship with space. 

Mithila Palkar’s home exemplifies the fact that the ideal home is about creating a space filled with love and memories, not just luxurious features. Mithila has truly created a home that captures hearts with her unique blend of style and warmth. 

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