Telangana: 3 held for selling Schedule X drugs using forged licence

The accused first gained experience in the sale of manufactured NDPS pharmaceuticals and then began illegal procurement and sale of medicines.

Hyderabad: Three people were arrested by the Telangana Anti-Narcotics Bureau (TS-NAB) and Malkajgiri police on Wednesday, July 26, for illegally procuring and selling schedule X drugs.

Police said the accused would sell the drugs, including fentanyl citrate injections, morphine sulphate injections, midazolam injections, morphine tablets, and codeine phosphate tablets were sold using a fake Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) licence.

Providing further details, police said a married couple — Susheel Kumar Mishra and Neha Chinthaman Rao Bhagavath — residing in Malkajgiri had set up a medical agency named AS Enterprises at APHB colony.

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They gained experience in the sale of manufactured NDPS pharmaceuticals and then began illegal procurement and sale of medicines.

They obtained the drugs with the assistance of another accused, Uday Kiran, a staffer at Russian Health Care Private Limited (a Mumbai-based manufacturing company), and illegally distributed the potentially hazardous NDPS medication to various doctors, hospitals, and individuals.

The accused were found with 3040 fentanyl citrate injections, 530 morphine sulphate injections, 3000 morphine tablets, 40 midazolam injections, and 20 codeine phosphate tablets.

NDPS rules to be followed while dealing with manufactured NDPS drugs

  • The licensee shall purchase all manufactured drugs to be sold under this license from a dealer in manufactured drugs licensed under the Telangana NDPS Rules, 1986.
  • The licensee shall be responsible for the acts and omissions of every person appointed to officiate for him in carrying on the business of the said shop and all of his servants as if the said acts and omissions were his own.
  • The licensee shall not keep, store or sell the manufactured drugs in any place except in his shop described above.
  • If he wishes to remove any manufactured drugs from one place to another he shall first obtain a transport authorization from the licensing authority for the purpose.
  • The license shall not sell any manufactured drug except to a dealer in manufactured drugs or a chemist or an approved practitioner licensed under the Telangana Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Rules, 1986 or under the corresponding rules for the time being in force in part of outside the state.
  • The Licensee shall keep accounts of the manufactured drugs received, sold and held is stock by him from time to time in the form prescribed by the Licensing Authority.
  • The Accounts shall be plainly and correctly written up in books bound, paged and scaled with the seal of the Licensing Authority and shall show in each case of purchase or sale the date of the transaction and the name and the address of the person or firm from whom the purchase was made or to whom or on whose behalf the drug was sold as the case may be.
  • The Licensee shall preserve the said accounts and authorization for not less than two years from the date of the last entry in the account books and shall produce them together with this license and any manufactured drugs that may be in his possession at the time of inspection on demand by the Commissioner and Licensing Authority or any other office duly authorized by him in this behalf.
  • The Licensee shall furnish to the Commissioner and Licensing Authority or other officer duly authorized by him on this behalf within a week after the end of each calendar year the information regarding the purchase sale and consumption of manufactured drugs during the preceding year and the stocks of manufactured drugs held by him in balance on the last day of the year in the form prescribed by the Licensing Authority for the purpose.
  • This licence may be cancelled or suspended by the Licensing Authority at any time for default or violation by himself or by any servant or person acting on his behalf of any of the conditions specified in this licensee or of the provisions of the Andhra Pradesh N.D.P.S. Rules, 1986.

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