Telangana: Agri Legal Aid Clinic inaugurated to educate farmers

These clinics will be manned by the trained Para Legal Volunteers (PLVs) of the Legal Services Institutions.

Hyderabad: In view of providing benefits to the farmer community, an Agri Legal Aid Clinic was inaugurated virtually on Saturday in Jangaon District.

Justice V. Ramasubramanian, Judge, Supreme Court of India, in the presence of judges from the supreme court and Telangana high court inaugurated the aid clinic at 11 am from the Integrated Courts on Family Dispute Complex, Hyderabad.

With an objective to educate the farmers on various agricultural legislations and Farmer Welfare Schemes and also to make them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and availability of legal remedies for redressal of their problems, the Telangana Legal Services Authority, with the technical support from NALSAR University of Law, and Legal Empowerment and Assistance for Farmers Society, has launched the first-ever Agri Clinic in Telangana.

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These clinics will be manned by the trained Para Legal Volunteers (PLVs) of the Legal Services Institutions, who will educate and create legal awareness among the farmers on various agricultural laws and farmer beneficial and welfare

Agricultural legislation is enacted to protect and safeguard the interests of the farming community.

Several Schemes and Programmes for the benefit and welfare of the farmers are also being implemented in the State in order to strengthen the agriculture sector and improve the overall conditions of the farmers.

The intended objectives of these laws and schemes have not reached the majority of the farming community due to a lack of legal awareness and understanding.

Farming goes on smoothly and farmers can also earn better when they understand the scope of these laws, and the benefits of the welfare schemes and utilise them for the redressal of their problems.

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