Telangana: Lecturers posts vacant in government junior colleges

Hyderabad: According to a higher official of the Department of Education, only 456 regular lecturers and 26 part-time lecturers were appointed out of 5395 approved posts in government junior colleges in Telangana. 

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As per the government data, there are 6008 approved government Junior lecturers posts for general and vocational courses.  Only 456 regular lecturers are appointed out of 5395 approved posts while 26 are appointed as part-time lecturers and 2981 are employed on a contract basis.

“For vocational courses, there are 613 approved posts out of which only 8 are working as regular lecturers while 113 are employed on part-time and 56 are working on an hourly basis and 284 have been appointed on contract basis,” said Madhusudhan Reddy, President government Junior lecturers Association Telangana.

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A higher official of the Department of Education acknowledged that no faculty has been appointed since 2014 and there are about 5200 regular lecturers’ posts vacant.

“The salary of a regular lecturer is Rs  54200 per month along with DA and other perks,” Ready said.

“The classes conducted by the contract and part time lecturers are sub par and there are many who cannot deliver their lectures  in English. Education standard compared to private junior colleges is quite low. There is an urgent need for at least 2,000 qualified lecturers appointment,” Reddy said.

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