Telangana: Many schemes affected due to non release of budget to Urdu Academy

Hyderabad: Urdu Academy was set up in unified Andhra Pradesh at the Government level to promote the Urdu language.  Many schemes to encourage poets, writers and journalists were listed under the Academy. But due to non release of budget for the past 3 years, many of these schemes are affected badly.

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It is ironic that the Telangana Urdu Academy has recently sought applications under 13 various schemes but it has no budget to implement them.

It is being said that in spite of the Government orders to release the budget the finance department has failed to transfer the funds which adversely affected these schemes. These schemes include Makhdoom, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad awards, live achievement awards, monetary help on manuscripts, awards to publish books, financial help to small newspapers etc.

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Urdu poets, writers and journalists have been making rounds to the Urdu Academy office for the past 3 years.  Small newspapers were given Rs 6000 during the holy month of Ramadan but this year authorities stopped the scheme under the pretext of non release of budget. 

Similarly, best Urdu teacher and best student awards have also not been given for the past 2 years.

 One of the reasons cited for the non release of the budget to Urdu Academy is the absence of officials in the Academy on a permanent basis.

It is being said that the ex permanent official of the Academy spent the academic budget on different unrelated programs instead of the schemes.

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