Telangana: Medicine from air to start from Bhadadri-Kotthagudem

Hyderabad: Carrying forward the successful pilot project of delivering medicines through drones, Telangana government is all set to launch the “Medicine from Air” initiative on a full-scale from Bhadadri-Kothagudem district.

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The emphasis is laid on drones being used to deliver medicines to far flung locations across the state. It has been conceptualised to fulfil the medical needs of people residing in far away areas, which make it difficult to access any means of transport. Drones could also ensure the maintenance of the medicine temperature.

Dry runs were held in certain parts of the state during September 2021. Quite a few companies were part of drone trials as part of the medicines came from Sky project. In a first in India, Telangana demonstrated the concept of using drones for delivering medicines in far-flung areas.

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Among those who participated in the pilot projects are drone and logistics firms. The un-manned flights were remotely controlled from control centers. The distance of 3 kilometers was covered in seven minutes in Vikarabad district. The drone flew at 400 metres above the ground, carrying medicines which weighed 1.5 kg consisting of temperature control box. The temperature of the medicines was maintained between 2-8 degree centigrade.

According to a report by Telangana Today, Emerging Technologies Director Rama Devi Lanka said, “The Medicine-from-the-sky project of Telangana is ready for implementation in real time basis. The trials done in Vikarabad area serve as the proof of concept. Now, we want to ahead with actual deliveries. A few districts were shortlisted for the launch of this project and we decided to start with Bhadradri Kothagudem.”

She further added, “We will use drones to actually deliver vaccines, medicines and this will be integrated with the supply chain. We expect this to go live in a month or two.”

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