Telangana: Police issues five-point formula to combat rising cyber crimes

Hyderabad: The surge in cyber crimes has become a growing concern in society. While the police and the Cyber Security Bureau are taking measures to tackle this issue, they emphasize that caution and vigilance can play a crucial role in thwarting attempts by cyber fraudsters. With the increasing prevalence of online banking, online shopping, and various types of online transactions, the risks associated with cyber crimes have intensified. As the use of mobile phones and the internet has become ubiquitous, it has become imperative for every citizen to exercise caution in their digital activities.

To address this alarming trend, the Telangana State Cyber Security Bureau has released a comprehensive five-point formula aimed at preventing cyber fraud and safeguarding individuals. Citizens are strongly urged to adhere to these guidelines, which have been designed to enhance their protection against cyber threats.

The bureau emphasizes the importance of vigilance while using the internet, engaging in online transactions, and participating in online marketplaces. Additionally, they advise using strong and confidential passwords, regularly updating software, utilizing secure networks and verified applications, and exercising caution when encountering suspicious apps.

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Considering the widespread use of social media, it is recommended to employ separate passwords for social media accounts, online banking, email, and other sensitive platforms. Using the same password across multiple platforms significantly increases the risk of falling victim to deception. Individuals are advised to refrain from using easily guessable passwords based on personal information such as names, birthdates, etc., and it is crucial not to share passwords with anyone.

Authenticity of source

Furthermore, the bureau advises users to verify the authenticity of websites before engaging with them, and to check the ratings and reviews of any apps before downloading them.

Regular updates

Regularly updating software on mobile phones, laptops, and computers is strongly encouraged, as it significantly reduces the vulnerability to cyber attacks.


Employing trusted antivirus software is also recommended to enhance digital security.

Ignore links in messages

It is crucial to exercise caution and refrain from clicking on suspicious links received via messages, WhatsApp, emails, or other platforms. Suspicious links, particularly those with shorter URLs, are often used by fraudsters to deceive individuals. Therefore, it is imperative not to interact with such links or provide any personal information through them.

By diligently following these precautionary measures and adhering to the Telangana State Cyber Security Bureau’s five-point formula, individuals can significantly reduce their susceptibility to cyber fraud. Increased awareness, combined with responsible digital practices, can serve as powerful deterrents against cyber crimes.

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