Telangana rains: Disaster Relief Force deployed for rescue operations

Hyderabad: Following incessant rainfall and a red alert issued by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), for Telangana, the GHMC’s Disaster Relief Force (DRF) have been put on high alert and deployed on the ground to rescue those affected by the rainfall and floods.

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Following previous floods in Sircilla and Warangal, the DRF was established. This committed army assists in ensuring the safety of the populace during floods. The DRF is trained and provided with the necessary supplies and equipment to carry out its duties under the supervision of the Urban Development department.

Over 9,000 complaints have been resolved by the DRF so far. During the Siricilla and Warangal city floods that followed the founding of the force, the force responded to 2,133 complaints and saved many seriously injured families.

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The DRF has been placed on high alert by the administration as part of its rescue and relief activities as torrential rains have been hammering the state for the past three days. In locations where colonies and homes have been marooned by constant rain, it is preparing to start water stagnation or removal operations.

The DRF is focused on responding to rescue and rehabilitation calls, and over the course of the last year, roughly 500 rescue calls were successfully handled.

Even a vigilance network in the urban areas run by the state’s department of urban development supports the 24-hour rescue enforcement force.

A DRF is present inside the GHMC boundaries, namely under the Directorate of Enforcement, Vigilance, and Disaster Management wing, to address the problems faced by the populace.

This force conducts the actions using cutting-edge rescue equipment during catastrophes and has 360 fully qualified personnel and multi-utility customised vehicles made up of 8 LMV teams and 11 trucks. The DRF’s primary responsibilities include dealing with any type of catastrophe emergency, including urban flooding, structural collapses, fire accidents, rail or road accidents, tree falls, and animal rescues.

Even on the enforcement side, the police responded to around 300 complaints, and in collaboration with the engineering wing authorities, unsafe structures that pose a hazard in metropolitan areas were demolished in order to ensure safety.

Engineering teams have been tasked with taking the required measures if decrepit structures are discovered. The vigilance network is carefully monitoring the concerns connected to the existence of dilapidated structures throughout the present rainy season as well.

The DRF was established to carry out measures for successful rescue and relief operations in urban areas under the leadership of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development K T Rama Rao.

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