Telangana: Raj Gopal Reddy to lay siege to Pragati Bhavan if TRS fail Munugode

He accused the TRS administration of adopting "direct beneficiary transfer" for Munugode's integrated sheep development programme.

Hyderabad: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Komatireddy Raj Gopal Reddy, alongside one lakh people has threatened to lay siege on Pragati Bhavan after learning that the government has blocked funds placed in the bank accounts of integrated sheep development plan recipients.

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Rajagopal Reddy said during the “Poru Bata” dharna at Munugode that the government had previously deposited Rs. 1.14 lakh into each of the bank accounts of 7,600 shepherds in the Munugode assembly constituency in order to gain an advantage in the byelections.

Additionally, the recipients had paid in their 25% portion of the cost of the sheep unit. He accused the TRS administration of adopting “direct beneficiary transfer” for Munugode’s integrated sheep development programme as a trial project and criticised the government for blocking the funds at this time.

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He questioned why the second phase of the sheep distribution programme had not been conducted uniformly across the state by the state administration.

He issued a warning that 7,600 recipients whose bank accounts had been stopped would soon hold a dharna at the district collectorate. He stated that he would organise a siege of Pragati Bhavan if the accounts were not made public within 10 days.

“I will make sure that no TRS flags are seen in the assembly constituency and would not allow any TRS leader, including ministers and Munugode MLA Prabhakar Reddy, to move in the area if the chief minister failed to implement his promises made to the people of Munugode during by-polls,” he threatened.

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