Telangana should stop paying income tax for ministers: FGG to CS

The income tax on behalf of eligible officials is paid by the state government under clause (4) of section 3 of AP (Telangana) Payment of Salaries and Remover of Disqualification Act

The Forum for Good Governance (FGG) sent a letter to Telangana’s Chief Secretary on Wednesday, March 20, emphasizing the need for the state government to stop paying income tax on the behalf of the chief minister and cabinet ministers.

The income tax is paid by the state government Under clause (4) of section- 3 of AP (Telangana) Payment of Salaries and Remover of Disqualification Act.  The letter states that the individuals already enjoy many facilities like special allowance, supplementary allowance, camp office allowance, security car allowance, house rent allowance, constituency allowance, etc. 

The letter further states that the salaries of the officials have increased, so there is no justification for why the state government was paying the income tax. It highlights that it violates Article 14 of the Constitution of India (equality before the law). 

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Officals that are eligible for state income tax are: chief minister, deputy chief minister, other cabinet ministers of State government, speaker and deputy speaker of Assembly, chairman and vice-chairman of council, all advisors of cabinet rank, all chairman of corporations having cabinet rank, chief whip and whips in Assembly and council, Leader of the Opposition in Assembly and Council, and Parlimentary Secretaries.

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