Telangana: Sorcerer forces woman to walk on live coal; arrested

Hyderabad: In yet another shocking incident a sorcerer on May 13 allegedly forced a woman to walk on live coal in Vikarabad district.

The incident came to light on Thursday after the police arrested the accused, identified as Mohammed Rafique. The sorcerer made the woman walk on the burning coal claiming it would cure her abnormal behaviour. The woman’s parents recently noticed the blisters on her palms and feet.

The victim, who is said to be an undergraduate student, fell down on the coal bed as she was unable to walk, it caused blisters on her palms. Instead of ensuring her safety, Rafique pinned her to the coal bed. His action caused further injuries to the woman.

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Upon hearing the victim’s cries the parents tried to go inside the room, but the guard stopped them. When Rafique saw the parents weeping, he let go of the victim. He then asked them to take the victim to a nearby temple.

“Mohammad Rafiq has been running the center for the past year. The victim’s family, from Dharur, approached Rafiq after he was referred to them by their relatives,” Parigi Sub Inspector, Vittal Reddy, was quoted as saying by The New Indian Express.

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