Tesla Cybertruck owner discovers major flaw after driving, people reacts

After driving, the owner discovered some issues with the vehicle's panelling, reports UNILAD.

San Francisco: A Tesla Cybertruck owner has spotted a major flaw in the vehicle after driving it for some miles, which it demonstrated in a video shared on social media.

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After driving, the owner discovered some issues with the vehicle’s panelling, reports UNILAD.

The owner also discovered that the car’s right turn signal didn’t work ’30 per cent of the time’, however, the Tesla driver praised the Cybertruck’s acceleration, steering and overall build quality.

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Meanwhile, someone else also discovered other flaws in the Cybertruck’s design, which could result in serious injury. In a clip shared on social media, someone took a carrot to resemble a finger and placed it near the point where the car’s trunk hood meets the body.

The carrot placed near the edge ends up being sliced up as the door closes, the report mentioned.

After watching the clip, a number of people have shared their thoughts online.

“How did this thing ever get approval?” One wrote, while another wondered, “Why is that so sharp to begin with?”.

“The more I learn about this car the more I am surprised it’s even allowed to be sold, let alone circulate,” another said. “This thing functions more as a death trap than a Truck,” one more mentioned.

Some people also defended the vehicle, arguing that any car model can cause this type of harm if your fingers are in the wrong position at the wrong moment, the report noted.

Tesla launched the long-awaited Cybertruck in November last year at a starting price of $60,990.

The rear-wheel drive version of the electric truck costs $60,990, up from $39,900 in 2019. It will have a range of 250 miles on a single charge.

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