TSRTC’s new seating arrangement on buses makes room for 25 more

All buses running in Hyderabad will have the same seating arrangement soon, officials said

Hyderabad: Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) is changing the RTC bus seating arrangement from ‘front-facing seats’ on either side of the aisle to metro-like side-facing seats to increase aisle space, making room for 25 extra passengers on a bus.

On an average up to 50 passengers can board an TSRTC bus on Hyderabad local routes.

After the launch of the Mahalakshmi Scheme, footfall on TSRTC buses has seen a manifold increase, especially in Hyderabad.

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“It has not only led to congestion but has become inconvenient for bus conductors to move along the aisle. So we decided to make more room in aisle space by changing seating from ‘front-facing seats’ to metro-like bench side-facing seats,” said Babu Mohan from the general administration department of TSRTC.

“With the new seating changes we can accommodate 25 more passengers in an RTC bus,” he explained. 

“For now, seats in six buses of TSRTC Cantonment Bus Depot are modified. Including buses 47L, 20P, 23GF, 24B, 107VR, 107JS that are plying on routes from CNT Depot,” the official said and revealed that all the buses in Hyderabad will have the same seating soon. 

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