UAE: These Indian nationals can get visa on arrival

Visa on arrival is valid for 14 days

In order to travel to UAE, Indian nationals need to get pre-travel visas, however, in some cases, they can avail the option of visa on arrival.

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Following Indian nationals can get visa on arrival in UAE

  1. USA visit visa holders
  2. USA green card holders
  3. UK residence visa holders
  4. European Union residence visa holders

Apart from it, their passports and green card or visas must be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in the UAE.

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Validity of visa on arrival in UAE

Indians who satisfy the above conditions can get visa on arrival in UAE which will be valid for 14 days. The visa can be extended for another 14 days.

The cost of the 14-day visa is Dh120. For additional 14 days, another Dh250 has to be paid.

If the stay is going to be longer than 28 days, then they have to apply for other types of visas as visa on arrival in UAE can be extended once.

Other UAE visas

Indians who are planning to stay in UAE for more than 28 days can explore other options that allow them to stay up to 90 days.

Apart from it, they can apply for five-year tourist visa that has an option of multi-entry. However, the holders of this visa can stay a maximum of 180 days in a year.

To apply for a five-year tourist visa, an Indian national has to show a bank balance of $4,000 during six months prior to the submission of the application for the visa.

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