US-based company to fill 2500 job vacancies in Telangana

In Telangana, the company is planning to hire talents from tier 2 and tier 3 cities

Hyderabad: Are you looking for job vacancies in Telangana? If yes, then get ready for the interview as a US-based company [24] is going to hire 2500 persons from the state.

The company which is gearing up to increase its headcount has a plan to hire 9000 persons from across India in 2022-23. Out of the total recruits, the company has a plan to hire around 2500 from Telangana State.

In Telangana, the company is planning to hire talents from tier 2 and tier 3 cities by giving them the option of ‘work from anywhere’.

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As per earlier reports, the company is planning to focus on the hub and spoke model wherein Hyderabad and Bengaluru offices will be a hub and adjoining towns will be spokes.

[24]7 company adopts work from home, work from anywhere models

The pandemic has changed many things across the world. It has changed the way businesses used to work prior to 2019.

After the outbreak of the pandemic, many IT and ITES companies are preferring work from home and work from anywhere models. [24] has also adopted the same models.

The job responsibilities of selected candidates will include handling clients worldwide through voice, chat, and blended process.

The current opening in the company can be viewed from its official website (click here). The job vacancies in the company in Telangana can also be viewed on the same website.

How Work From Home, Work From Anywhere cultures are changing the face of work

Soon after the outbreak of the pandemic in 2019, many companies especially IT and ITES started adopting work from home.

Later when they realized the benefits of it, some companies started adopting the work from anywhere model even after government removed pandemic restrictions.

Though some of the top companies are asking their employees to start working from the office and put an end to work from home, there are many companies especially ITES who are still preferring the work from anywhere model due to its range of benefits to both employees and employers.

Many companies have even started conducting interviews online.

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