Video: Kingdom has great loyalty towards its friends, says Saudi ambassador to UK

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Sultan, spoke at the Oxford University on Friday about the future of the Kingdom’s relations with the West and the reason for forming relationships with Russia and China.

Here are 4 key quotes from his Q&A session

1. Saudi Arabia was friends with the US, France, Germany and UK when it wasn’t fashionable or popular. Just because it wasn’t fashionable or popular, does not mean that we stopped being friends in public. We have stood together in the bad times, we will stand together in the good times, and we will continue to stand together unless we decide otherwise.

2. I wouldn’t say we’re turning east at all. We’re just very practical where it’s useful. We talk with the Russians because we’re both big oil-producing countries. We have a lot of differences with the Russians when it comes to oil production, and how we are regulating that market but we are discussing with them because it makes sense.

3. We have a lot of links with China and Chinese companies because we feel that there is a benefit to both parties as they are the largest oil market as well, which makes them economically important to us.

4. But that does not mean that we are moving away from our friends. It is impossible to know what will happen in 100 years but we stay with our friends through thick and thin and I think we will continue to do that.

Watch the full video here:

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