Video of Ankit Gupta with girlfriend Shanaya Khan goes viral

Ankit Gupta is loved for maintaining his true persona even when he has all means to lose control

Mumbai: Bigg Boss 16 has been keeping the audience intrigued ever since it started, that to the housemates. The show has different people from different walks of life and every contestant has their own way of playing the game. But there is one of them who hasn’t had a single fight of his own or any drama and is still loved by viewers for his charismatic looks and calm personality. Yes! We are talking about Ankit Gupta.

The TV actor is loved for maintaining his true persona even when he has all means to lose control. Fans also love his chemistry with actress Priyanka Choudhary. Several ‘PriyAnkit’ fans are waiting for the duo to announce their relationship on Bigg Boss 16.

Amid this, a video of Ankit Gupta with his former girlfriend Shanaya Khan is making rounds on the internet. In the past, Ankit was in a serious relationship with Shanaya. A video of him introducing her as his girlfriend on national television is now going crazy viral.

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Watch the video here

Shanaya’s old tweets where she is confessing her love for Ankit is also crawling back on the Internet.

According to the reports, Shanaya left him without any reason so the trauma is still bothering the Udaariyaan actor. Reportedly, this is the reason why Ankit is not ready to commit to Priyanka, while she is very open about her feelings for Ankit. Now, fans are waiting for him to make things clear with her and are also expecting host Salman Khan to play cupid like how he did for Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill.

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