Viral pic: Hina Khan gives foot massage to old lady in Makkah

In a series of photos, Hina Khan revealed how she spent her Jumma (Friday) in the sacred Masjid al-Haram

Mumbai: Popular actress Hina Khan is currently in the holy city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia, to perform Umrah. Documenting her spiritual journey on Instagram, she recently shared glimpses of her experience.

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In a series of photos, Hina Khan revealed how she spent her Jumma (Friday) in the sacred Masjid al-Haram. One particular image captured a touching moment where Hina gave a foot massage to an elderly lady who was experiencing pain. Despite the language barrier with the lady from Uzbekistan named Ilbish, they connected through warmth, affection, kindness, and love.

Sharing a photo with the woman, Hina wrote, “Meet Ilbish. She shud be my naan’s age. She is from Uzbekistan..Though we did not speak the same language but we communicated through a lot of warmth affection kindness and love…her foot and ankle was hurting. so I gave her a foot massage whole we waited for jumma azaan… and in return she game me a white cute know #smalljoys.”

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In another story Hina spoke about her dream to offer Friday Namaz infront of Kaabah. “It was my dream to offer Jumma Namaz in Mataf, right infront of the Kaaba sharif. I waited for more than three hourse without moving an inch..if you loose your spot.. It is almost impossible to find a spot to offer Jumma Namaz in haram sharif…”

She further added, “Tip: If you wish to offer jumma namaz in mataf area, infront of the kaaba, make sure you enter the gates at 9.30 am max 10 am..they shut the gates after 10 coz it gets over crowded..”

This marks her second visit to Makkah, having performed her first Umrah during Ramzan in March last year.

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