Viral video: Woman accidentally sends video of her mocking job interview

The video shows her trashing the question and telling a phone caller that it was the "most stupid, cheesy thing I've ever read in my life."

Despite the fact that the pandemic has brought technology closer to us, not everyone has had the time to adjust to the new online culture. There have been a handful of great blunders that make us giggle when we think about them.

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A lady applying for a flight attendant position with SkyWest Airlines recently had a similar situation. In a one-take video interview, Chaylene Martinez slammed her would-be boss without realising she was being recorded.

Her interview has gone viral, causing those who are prepared for online job interviews nightmares.
Martinez, who goes by the TikTok handle @chayjordan_, is seen in the video making light of the questions asked during an interview with SkyWest Airlines, according to Mirror Online.

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The question was asked, “What is your impression of SkyWest company culture and how does that resonate with you?”

The video shows her trashing the question and telling a phone caller that it was the “most stupid, cheesy thing I’ve ever read in my life.”

Unfortunately, she had no idea she had started shooting too early and had unintentionally begun recording her interview response.

Martinez then goes on to tell the person on the phone further, “You have to record yourself saying it, so, it’s so awkward.”

She resumed talking on the phone after pausing to apply lip gloss. She stated that her view of SkyWest’s corporate culture was based on the company’s mission statement.

She gasped in surprise when she realised her remark was already being recorded. Martinez remarked, “Oh no,” before looking into the camera and said, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise it was recording, I was practising.” After that, she quickly ended the video.

“Doing a video interview that you only get one shot to do right…accidentally started recording [too] early,” Ms Martinez stated in the video’s caption.

Martinez’s incident serves as a cautionary tale for everyone who must do an online job interview: Never insult your potential employer.

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