Watch: Ex-BHU dean rolls in cow dung to celebrate ‘Gobar ki Holi’

Former BHU Dean Kaushal Kishor Mishra has stirred controversy by endorsing “Gobar Ki Holi” (Cow-dung Holi) as the original and purifying form of the festival. In a widely circulated video, Mishra is depicted participating in Holi festivities using cow dung, advocating for this traditional practice as more significant than playing with colours.

He highlights the prevalence of this practice in villages and emphasizes its purifying attributes. This unconventional celebration has sparked varied reactions from the public.

While Mishra views “Gobar Ki Holi” as a purifying and traditional form of the festival, many have expressed scepticism and concern over the use of cow dung in a celebratory context. This unconventional approach has divided opinions, with some supporting Mishra’s stance and others questioning the cultural and sanitary implications of using cow dung during Holi celebrations.

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Here are a few reactions:

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