Watch: Hyderabad traffic police challan campaign intensified

Campaign for challans is causing traffic issues and hindering the smooth flow of vehicles

Hyderabad: Hyderabad traffic police once again intensified their challan campaign. At various places in the city, cops are seen stopping vehicles during peak hours.

Though, imposing fines for violating traffic is part of the cops’ duties, stopping people during working hours and compelling them to pay immediately is causing a lot of inconvenience to the public.

More focus on challans

The primary duties of traffic cops include regulation of the flow of vehicles to avoid congestion. However, it seems, Hyderabad traffic police is focusing much on challan instead of the flow of traffic.

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At some locations, the campaign for challans is causing traffic issues and hindering the smooth flow of vehicles.

Apart from it, cops in some cases are asking people to take vehicles from police stations after paying challans at meeseva or online. Such decisions are causing inconvenience to common people who hardly find time due to their daily routines.

Hyderabad traffic challan discount

Earlier in the current year, Hyderabad traffic police launched a ‘one-time discount’ scheme on pending challans.

As per the scheme, 75 percent of the pending challans were waived off for two-wheelers and autos. For push carts and petty vendors, 80 percent was waived off whereas, for light motor vehicles (LMVs), cars, jeeps, and heavy vehicles, 50 percent were waived off.

The waivers were applicable for those who were ready to pay the challans during the scheme period.

Some people believe that Hyderabad traffic police intensified the challan campaign after the time period for the discount was completed.

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