Watch: Student escapes exorbitant rents in Canada by taking flight to college

According to Statscan, nationwide rents rose by 7.7 pc in Canada in December 2023.

Amid exorbitant rents in Canada, a student finds that taking a flight to college twice a week is cheaper than relocating to Vancouver.

According to a media report, an Arts student flies twice a week from Calgary to Vancouver, spending almost $1200 per month.

Student saves $1200 by flying to college in Canada

The student claims in a video circulating on social media that he spends around USD 1200 per month on the flight to college, whereas the rent for a one-bedroom in Vancouver, Canada, is USD 2500 per month.

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Explaining further, the student mentions spending USD 300 per week on flight fares, as each round trip costs him USD 150. Additionally, he highlights that the flight from Calgary to Vancouver takes only one hour.

Canada sees surge in rents

According to Statscan, an agency of the government of Canada, nationwide rents rose by 7.7 percent in the country in December 2023.

Recently, the Canadian government announced a two-year cap on new study permits for international students.

Immigration Minister Marc Miller asserted that international students enrich their communities, making the announcement as the government faced backlash due to the growing influx exacerbating the country’s housing crisis.

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