Why chicken rates in Hyderabad declined by over 22 pc in 20 days?

Chicken experiencing a decline in demand in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad: Over the past 20 days, chicken rates in Hyderabad have seen a significant drop of more than 22 percent.

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Speaking to Siasat.com, Syed Fayazuddin, the proprietor of Eagle Fisheries, attributed the decline to a supply-demand mismatch.

Current chicken rates in Hyderabad

As of today, chicken rates in Hyderabad have fallen to Rs 126. This decrease is observed across various chicken types, including with skin, without skin, and boneless.

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Presently, the rates for live chicken and chicken with skin in the city are Rs 126 and Rs 185 per kg, respectively. For without skin and boneless varieties, the rates stand at Rs 211 and Rs 380 per kg, respectively.

Reason for the decline in rates

The decline in rates is linked to the ongoing Karthika Masam festivities, a period from October 29 to November 27 in 2023, during which many individuals abstain from consuming non-vegetarian dishes.

It has impacted not only chicken rates but also the prices of meat and fish, all experiencing a decline in demand.

It is likely that the rates of chicken and meat in Hyderabad will stabilize after the conclusion of the Karthika month.

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