Zoom’s new feature to let professionals easily create virtual event design

Zoom also announced its updated mobile app with access to Zoom Events.

New Delhi: Video conferencing platform Zoom on Friday launched ‘Production Studio’ for Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions, a new feature for event professionals to easily create virtual event design elements for polished, professional, and dynamic events.

Now available globally, the new Production Studio feature will allow event, marketing, and internal communications professionals to free up their time and budget that is usually spent working with a production agency, the company said.

“Other ‘out of the box’ webinar solutions don’t allow you to customise the look and feel of your event, which makes for a bland and less engaging experience. With Production Studio, event specialists can curate and customise the attendee experience without needing specialised design skills,” Annika Elias, product manager at Zoom, said in a statement.

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Whether planning internal events like an All Hands webinar or external marketing events like product demos — Production Studio will provide dynamic layout options, custom branding, and presenter management tools to make every virtual event visually engaging and uniquely branded.

Zoom also announced its updated mobile app with access to Zoom Events.

Available globally for Android and iOS, users can access the hybrid event experience from their existing Zoom mobile app.

Through the Zoom mobile app, attendees can join the event, explore, bookmark, and attend sessions, receive important event notifications, navigate the physical space using maps and digital aides, easily switch between in-person and virtual / on-demand sessions, and connect with other in-person and virtual attendees, according to the company.

Moreover, mobile app users can access event sessions, participate in chats, polls, and Q&A, and view recordings of past events during live events.

Zoom has also enhanced its hybrid setup flow for event hosts.

As event professionals today struggle with planning hybrid events, feeling like it requires twice as much work, Zoom Events aims to simplify that process with new features.

Now available in the web portal, event professionals can use templates to easily set up hybrid events, including the ability to build out hybrid ticketing, add venue maps, and set up a native hybrid experience via the Zoom mobile app.

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